This 120-member reputable architect firm got hacked. They paid the ransomware, but things were still not right. They hired an expensive company who flew in a cyber security expert from out of town multiple times to work on their IT network recovery...to no avail. A decision point was drawing near for the the executive on whether or not to shut down the business operation. As the last resort, the executive contacted 714 Technologies.

The resident IT Director and a team of IT specialists did not know their next steps clearly. They did not have proper backup from which to restore and had not been managing and updating their firewall actively. Their status-quo provided the hackers with an opportunity to learn and navigate the network for months before even making contact.

714 came to the rescue and immediately began investigating the attack. 714 saw signs the hackers were still using the backdoor of the network. A real-time cyber battle began on the 3rd night, but the hackers weren't prepared for the speed and accuracy of 714. The hackers were nuked and reported to the proper federal authority. They were reverse-hacked to expose their location, hiding behind multiple relay servers in multiple countries.

After the immediate threat was removed, 714 began helping restore the network, data, and security. The firm cleaned up their IT team and upgraded their cyber security to industry premium. Within a few weeks, the firm began thriving. They experienced rapid growth, enabling them to hit all their goals and even gain geographical market shares.

"We didn't know what to do or where to go. We thought we were safe from the hackers, but our firewall was below standard, our IT team (then) were negligent, and the expert we hired for the hack couldn't resolve the situation. A friend told us about 714 so we got in contact and now we are enjoying the best IT security, network performance, and support. Our employees are getting the IT needs they deserve."